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President's Message

Mary SchoenfeldtAs President of Green Cross, I serve with great appreciation for the work that we do, the organization we are and the members we have.  We exist to guarantee that those who are vulnerable ... victims of disasters and other traumatic events....  have access to quality, appropriate and competent disaster mental health support.

Through our Accredited Sites, we adhere to rigid standards of training and certification and through our deployment efforts, we provide trained, qualified field traumatologists directly to wherever we are requested to support those who need us when they need us most.

We also gather and share what we and others learn in an ever-changing discipline through the publishing of the Journal of Traumatology.

I am proud to be a part of Green Cross and welcome the opportunity to serve.

Mary Schoenfeldt
President, Green Cross Academy of Traumatology


Alert Status

Alert Status

Green Cross has been requested to deploy immediately to work on the floods in Washington State!!!!

If you are available for immediate deployment, please contact with your information.

We will be deploying one or more Crisis Response teams immediately, and a contact with the local AOC.

Green Cross is in full deployment mode now, and will remain so until requested to stand down.

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