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Self Tests

These tests are provided to help you assess your particular levels as pertains to that test, and to help Green Cross assess your needs if the time for deployment were to arise.

Please select the name of the test below that you wish to take and print off the PDF copy that will open.

Checking Your Basic Personal Needs

Checking Your Basic Needs at Work

Stress Early Warning Signs

Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale

Learning Style Profile

Social Support Scale Pg 1

Social Support Scale Pg 2


Stress Vulnerability

The Following tests are used for Deployment Situations. If you have been asked to take the Deployment Self-Tests please print and fill out the tests below. Upon completion of the tests please send your scores to the Green Cross Office. (Please see the "Contact Us" Page for our buisness and email addresses.)

Symptom Checklist

Measuring Life Stress

Measuring Life Stress Scoring Key

Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Self-Test for Helpers, Pg 1

Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Self-Test for Helpers, Pg 2

Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Scoring Key


Alert Status

Alert Status

Green Cross has been requested to deploy immediately to work on the floods in Washington State!!!!

If you are available for immediate deployment, please contact with your information.

We will be deploying one or more Crisis Response teams immediately, and a contact with the local AOC.

Green Cross is in full deployment mode now, and will remain so until requested to stand down.

Animal Care Workers

No current events.

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