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Pre- Deployment

In order to deploy with Green Cross you must complete the following steps:

1) Complete the FEMA ICS-100 Course And Submit proof of completion

(The link to complete this course is here: FEMA ICS-100)

2) Print out and complete the following Self-Assessment Tests:

Measuring Life Stress (Scoring)

Stress Vulnerability (Scoring)

Ego Resilience

Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Self Test (Page 2, Scoring)

3) Fill out and submit the Self-Assessment Form

4) Read the Following Handouts:

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Good Luck!


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our deployment protocols:

1. How long will the deployment be?
- This hasn't been fully planned yet. It will be approximately 3 weeks. This information is gathered from previous deployments, and also speaking to the planners on how long they think will be sufficient.

2. What is going to be paid by the Green Cross and is this a paid deployment?

- We will contract for all expenses. However we do NOT promise an amount of money.

3. Are we deploying as part of a team or independently (and meeting up with people there)?

- We will be deploying as a team. Under the Incident Command System (ICS).

4. Are there courses that are required prior to going on a deployment?

- At least (minimum of) Compassion Fatigue.  

5. One requirement for deployment is having insurance, If I don't have insurance would this preclude me from going?
- No.

6. Will the Green Cross fund my plane ticket?

- Yes- See question 2. We will get you there, take care of you and get you home.

Alert Status

Alert Status

Green Cross has been requested to deploy immediately to work on the floods in Washington State!!!!

If you are available for immediate deployment, please contact with your information.

We will be deploying one or more Crisis Response teams immediately, and a contact with the local AOC.

Green Cross is in full deployment mode now, and will remain so until requested to stand down.

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